Diversity and Inclusion

AOS Diversity and Inclusion Statement

Academy of Oral Surgery (AOS) welcomes dentists, residents, dental students, and staff members of practicing dentists from around the world who perform and assist oral surgery procedures to continuously improve the didactic knowledge, clinical skills and interdisciplinary collaboration in order to achieve the highest level of standard within the dental profession. AOS is an organization for general dentists, dental specialists, and staff members regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, country of origin, race, religion, political views, sexual orientation and identity, physical abilities or conditions, or any personal preferences of life choices. Members of AOS shall respect individual differences of other members and patients, with ultimate goals of establishing a global view of people from diverse backgrounds and understanding their different needs relating to clinical care. The current health disparity due to a mismatch between dental profession and the public can be improved by encouraging a more diverse and inclusive environment. AOS supports and advocates creating such an environment for our members and patients through mutual respect and continuous learning.

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