Continuing Education

International Extraction Academy

The international Extraction Academy combines an informative, in depth lecture with comprehensive hands on workshop experiences utilizing anatomical models as well as fresh frozen cadaver heads. The courses are designed to teach pre-clinical preparation, minimally traumatic tooth extraction focusing on alveolar ridge preservation, grafting concepts, biomaterials selection, suturing techniques, pain and complications management, and patient aftercare. Upon completion of the courses, participants should have the skills to correctly plan and confidently perform various extraction procedures with prior planning for post-prosthetic treatment.

Global Implantology Institute

The Global Implantology Institute (GII) provides a comprehensive toolbox to Dental Healthcare Professionals (DHC) interested in surgical and restorative dental implant procedures to encourage them to enter the dental implantology field or expand their knowledge. More than 120 million Americans have at least one missing tooth. The projected disconcerting number of patients suffering from this silent epidemic (edentulism) is set to increase to more than 200 million in America over the next 15 years and is even more staggering, worldwide. Yet, there is a shortage of qualified clinicians to render care for these patients. Starting with simple and progressing to complex implantology procedures, with all related topics in between, GII creates a steppingstone from extractions to implantology. Whether you are starting out, already placing and/or restoring dental implants, or wish to expand your knowledge, GII brings together seasoned educators from around the world to cater to colleagues of all specialties in dentistry.


Dentulu and its partners have streamlined the on boarding process in order to accept a massive influx of users who are seeking alternative ways to communicate with their patients and to generate a revenue stream. As such, the traditional on boarding and training process has been modified and shortened. Dentists and dental professionals should spend time researching the local, state and other applicable laws, regulations, and limitations relating to Teledentistry in their respective areas of practice. Dentulu relies on your good judgment and professionalism to utilize Teledentistry with the same ethical standards as you would treat your patients in the traditional setting. You are not expected to provide any treatment or to perform any action without the scope of your practice and outside of your comfort.

Koerner Center for Surgical Instruction

Koerner Center for Surgical Instruction (KCSI) was founded by Dr. Karl Koerner, a general dentist who has been educating his peers on dentoalveolar surgery for more than 25 years. Throughout his career as a clinician, author and educator, Dr. Koerner recognized the need for a truly comprehensive oral surgery training program geared toward general dentists. Many general dentists cobble together their own training through attending a myriad of day and weekend courses, hoping to achieve proficiency. This method leaves a gap in the educational experience and inhibits true proficiency in the art and science of dental surgery. KCSI equips general dentists to meet the oral surgery needs of their patients with safety, efficiency, and confidence.

Camarlengo Dental Institute

The Camarlengo Dental Institute is a postgraduate dental continuing education program providing live patient experience in oral surgery and implant surgery at facilities in the United States and Latin America. With our courses you will achieve the needed knowledge and skills to successfully incorporate oral surgical and implant-based rehabilitation dentistry into your practice. is home to the O.S. Accelerator Course which conveys everything you will ever need to know to extract teeth safely and confidently in your office.  Members of my course will have direct access to me at all times to help guide / mentor you to overcome whatever obstacles you may be facing to ensure you achieve your goals and are actually able to implement the information you’re exposed to in the course.

13 Modules, 290 4K videos and 482 learning objectives cover everything from preoperative planning to postoperative care and everything between.  The information I share is a compilation of the pearls of wisdom from peer-reviewed journal articles, textbooks, CE courses I’ve attended, clinical experience, and mentorships from the inception of my career to the present day.  It’s everything you should have learned in dental school…but didn’t.

4M Institute

4M Institute is a leader in continuing dental education for everything from Full Mouth Reconstructive Surgery to IV-Sedation, PFR/Phlebotomy, Leadership, Marketing, Advanced Sales Process and more. We provide cutting-edge progressive training to dentists to make certain they offer their patients the most advanced and appropriate care possible while ensuring they bring a professional, motivated and dedicated team along with them. We are committed to unrivaled quality and ethical standards in dentistry. We give dentists the tools and confidence to restore smiles with the most advanced tools and techniques available.

Online Oral Surgery is THE site on the Internet for general dentists, dental students, oral surgery residents, and other specialists to learn by watching over-the-shoulder video courses about topics and procedures in office-based oral surgery and dental implant procedures. OnlineOralSurgery will increase your competence and confidence in the surgical treatment of your patients.
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