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Diplomate Program

Diplomate Program (DAOS)

To become a Diplomate of the AOS, the candidate must first achieve the Mastership status. Diplomate candidates will be required to have completed at least 80 hours of Oral Surgery training in the approved categories by online, workshop, and participation courses prior to being eligible for the Mastership examination.

Candidates who have attained this requirement must first take an Online examination consisting of at least 200 questions, in the same categories as the Mastership examination, but modified to advanced oral surgery techniques (a passing grade of 90% or higher will be required).

The second step will be an oral examination given by Diplomates of the AOS and Oral and Maxillofacial surgeons at the Annual Session. This face-to face examination would last 1-2 hours and covers the candidate’s case presentations, discussions on advanced implantology, and oral surgery topics. Candidates must retake the examination until they pass both the written and oral exam.

The application fee for the Diplomate exam is $1500. If a candidate fails to pass both sections on the first attempt, the same fees will apply for re-examination. If the candidate fails to pass both sections after their third attempt, they will no longer be eligible for Diplomate status.